ELWN Digital Marketing, Networker and Influencer Manager – ELWN

ELWN Digital Marketing, Networker and Influencer Manager

Salt Lake City, UT
Salary: $30,000.00 to $90,000.00 /year

ELWN products have a 3x incentive above market average for digital marketing managers and influencers. Our products are distributed online through social and network channels such as instagram, twitter, youtube, and facebook. Were looking for Digital Marketing Managers who have experience in online product sales utilizing influencers, connections, and social media. An online digital Influencer manager with experience to oversee the optimal matchmaking (together with our matchmaking team) between influencers and ELWN. You will manage the influencers and product sales throughout the collaboration, from booking to briefing and execution, while keeping a strict eye on quality. We offer them product and above average revenue sharing.

You will take part in multidisciplinary pitch teams and join brainstorms to come up with the most creative and effective campaign formats. With campaign project teams, you oversee all activities related to the online sales channel including influencers. From video productions to events, online content creation to photoshoots, you will manage a very diverse range of activities.


  • Managing online product sales channels from online retailers, online influencers, and online product distribution.
  • Taking part in pitch teams, to create the most effective & creative campaign formats from an influencer point of view;
  • Managing influencers throughout ongoing collaborations, from booking to briefing, and from execution to reporting;
  • Oversee influencer activities related to our campaigns, such as photoshoots, video productions, online content creation and events;
  • Relationship management with our current influencer network and scouting of new upcoming talent.


  • 3 years of work experience managing digital channel product sales
  • 2 years Experience networking and managing influencers;
  • 2 years Experience building product sales incentives for influencers and margins for brand
  • Ability to identify valuable influencers and connect with them
  • A structured way of working; competencies in planning and organization & excellent attention to detail;
  • Strong knowledge of blogging, vlogging and social networks;
  • An eye for quality content & storytelling;
  • A strong personality who is able to work autonomously and within team;
  • Excellent people skills, a talent for building strong relations;
  • Experience in communicating directly with clients;
  • Fluent in English


  • Ability to work remote and part time.
  • You are paid on immediate revenue share monthly. We compensate 3x average of market rates on product sales and connections made. If you can connect and drive sales, you will be heavily compensated for your time investment. We have programs with up to $30 dollars sales commission per product sale online. Average part-time influencer manager generates $60k part time annual. Marketing and influencer campaign events can generate 100s-1000s of unit sales within a week. 1000 sales at $30 commission = $30,000 in compensation.


Started in 2016 by ProcessAG a design agency with multiple brands within its portfolio. ELWN make wireless earbuds and accessories for the active lifestyle. Based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains our team consists of technology enthusiasts, and sound specialists. We have designed and manufactured millions of wireless audio and accessories over 15 years for other companies. Our products are designed to solve many of the problems we see in this industry and fill some of the unmet needs of customers.

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