About Us – ELWN


We, as athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, love the idea of truly wireless earbuds, but we're disappointed with what's on the market. The battery life is very short (1-3 hours) and no existing earbuds fit everyone securely. So we created ELWN and went to work solving these issues with some simple, yet ground breaking, innovations.

What We Do

ELWN was founded when two former Apple engineers and a team of marketing and sales professionals came together to make a difference in the wireless headphone industry. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, the ELWN team has the expertise needed to bring high quality products to the headphone marketplace.

The ELWN team has office locations both stateside and abroad. Each location was established to serve the specific needs of the business. The corporate headquarters and design center is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The warehouse and shipping facility is centered in Mesa, Arizona. ELWN’s manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou, China.